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If you are an investor, then taking the advice of an experienced realtor comes in handy, especially if you are a busy person.


Getting the help from an expert like Amit Airi will prove to be very advantageous as he has access to many up-coming new deals. Amit’s experience has helped many of his client create a tremendous amount of wealth from real estate. Having over 15 years of experience, Amit has a very strong network and countless tools to spot investment properties with amazing potential, sometimes even before they hit the market. He safeguards your interest and money by doing very in-depth research for each property and gives you the right advice.

Another reason with choose someone like Amit would be because he will handle the entire transaction and be with you at every step of the deal – right from submitting an offer to drawing up all the contracts. This helps to keep the whole process moving smoothly and allows you to easily manage your other investments.

Amit is a licensed real estate professional and is highly specialized and experienced to help every type if investor to find positive cash-flow properties. In the long run Amit Airi is going to help you save time and money!

1. Expert Negotiation
It goes without saying that the price of a property will determine the profit margin that you get. So it is very crucial that you get an investment property at a great deal. That’s when the expert negotiation skills come in handy and land you a bargain property, sometimes even under market value!

2. Professional
Amit and his team are complete professionals and it is an essential quality that you must look for in a real estate agent. We have an entire team that stays on top of all the communication and professionally manages the deal so that you don’t lose out. We work attentively, are very responsive and quick to draw up that deal without any delay. Because we understand that a small delay could mean losing out on profits worth thousands.

3. Market Knowledge
Since Amit has worked for over 15 years in the Kitchener-Waterloo region he has developed the required market expertise. His knowledge of the region gives you an advantage because you will be
informed about all the upcoming changes and the latest upcoming projects.

We also know about the rental market of the region and can give you an accurate picture on possible rental incomes on the property you are planning to invest in.

4. Investment Expert
Amit has worked with many of his clients make the right real estate investment in properties that ultimately generate huge amounts of wealth for them. He knows how the investment business works
and has successfully handled countless deals. So be it a commercial property or residential, plaza or business; Amit has dealt in every type of deal and investment.

5. Network
Amit has a very strong network in the community and real-estate business. Over the years he has hosted numerous investment seminars and has always been very active, so you will find that he knows almost all the local agents and brokerages which gives him direct access to up-coming properties.

So if you’re a looking to make a real estate investment then make sure you consult with the investment experts.

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