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All You Need To Know About Buying
Your Dream House


1. Select Team Amit Airi as your Real Estate Agent
Congratulations and thank you for choosing Amit Airi as your official Real Estate Broker! You have already taken the first step to buying your dream home.

2. Get a pre-approval on the mortgage
Before you actually start looking for a house, you should have a pre-approval on your mortgage. This way you will know the budget you have to buy your dream house and as your realtor, we will show you the best properties within that budget.

If you haven’t gotten a pre-approval done yet, we can help you get in touch with some of the best mortgage institutions.

3. Discuss your requirements with Team Amit Airi
Don’t be hesitant and tell us everything you are looking for in your own house. We need to know your requirements because we want to show you homes that perfectly match the house you have always dreamed of owning.

4. Shortlist and select some properties you want to see
Based on your requirements we will begin the process of shortlisting some properties that match your requirements and budget with the following (not limited to):

1. Properties listed with Team Amit Airi
2. Tools and software that are constantly updated with the region’s most exclusive listings
3. Create customised auto-searches on MLS
4. Access to exclusive properties not listed anywhere
5. Association with the most reputed builders in the region to get you the best New Homes
6. Large network of Sales Representatives
7. Amit Airi’s references

5. View the property
Once you have shortlisted the properties you like, we will arrange for a showing. You can view as many properties as you like and then make a final decision.

6. Make an offer with the guidance from Team Amit Airi
After you have selected your dream house, we will present your offer to the seller’s agent. The Sale Agents at Team Amit Airi will guide and help you make the best offer based on our market analysis on the property.

We have the best tools and modern software that give us informed market trends of real estate prices. The Sales Agents are also experienced and qualified to assess the value of the property so that your offer is never too high.

7. Negotiate the terms
The seller will probably make a counter-offer and we will negotiate on your behalf. Our Sales Agents will negotiate keeping your best interest in mind and will follow your instructions. We don’t reveal any confidential information to the seller or seller’s broker. Our utmost importance is representing you!

8. Relevant Conditions
As your Buyer Agent, we can guide you with the conditions that should be put forward while making an offer. Simply let us know if you want anything changed or repaired as-well the inclusion of a few items with the property and we will include that with the offer.

8. After the Acceptance of the offer
After the negotiation is done, you and the seller will have to accept the offer. This offer will be legally binding on both the parties.

9. Begin process to secure mortgage/financing
Once you have accepted the offer, you will have to proceed to secure a mortgage and/or arrange the money to buy your dream house.

10. Conduct an inspection (Part of the condition we negotiated)
While the mortgage is being processed, we will move to get a house inspection done. If the inspection report is not favourable, we can either re-negotiate the offer or can even call off the deal on your behalf.

11. Resolve issues/Get repairs done (If Any)
If the inspection report states for repairs to be made or any other issue we will negotiate with the seller and have them pay for the repairs or reduce the price of the house depending on the estimated repair cost. Our Sales Agents will take care of coordinating with the seller’s agent and the seller.

12. Arrange for a lawyer
The lawyer will begin to conduct a title search on the house, check for claims and many other things. In case you don’t have a lawyer, we can provide you a list of lawyers that can complete all the legal paperwork.

13. Obtain Title Insurance
You need to get a Title Insurance to safeguard your interests in the eventuality that there is a title dispute during the sale. The title insurance company will pay all the legal damages as specified in the policy. The Sales Agents at Team Amit Airi are qualified and experienced professionals to help and guide you in obtaining the best Title Insurance.

14. Obtain and transfer funds for closing
Since all the legalities and paperwork is complete, all that is left to do is secure the fund and transfer the amount for the final payment. As your representative, we will offer our assistance throughout the process.

15. Close on the property
Once you have transferred the money, the deal can be termed as ‘closed’ and you are the proud owner of your dream house.

16. Take Possession and move
Time to pack your bags, get the keys and move into your dream house. Team Amit Airi’s office can also help you arrange for movers and packers and provide you a list of servicemen.

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