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Amit Airi has been a real estate professional
for more than 15 years


And has experience of selling countless homes in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Over the years Amit and his team have provided
their real estate marketing services to their clients to help them sell their homes fast and for the highest market value.

We carefully assess what your perceptions and give you a clear picture of the market realities. By providing an honest picture and explaining all the valuable services that we provide, we ensure that all our sales are effortless and as smooth as possible. Thanks to which, we have created long lasting relations with all our clients.

As your agent we offer many benefits and services:

1. The Right Price
Amit has years of market insight and experience of the Kitchener-Waterloo market. We eat, breath and sleep real estate so we know homes and market trends. We understand that you want the highest
possible price for your home so we price it just right so that it sells quickly. We use the most modern tools and software to get a fair analysis that helps us determine the top dollar value your home will sell for.

2. Marketing
Once we have determined the price of your home, we then begin the process of designing ads using our proven marketing strategy. In fact we have a dedicated marketing team that works on both digital and
offline marketing of your home that includes get professional photographs and virtual tours done of your home.

Marketing Campaigns Designed For:
Social media
Google ads
Offline Printing
Being full time in the real estate profession, we have complete market access to many opportunities such as our own website, MLS and the vast Re/Max network.

3. Showings & Open House
We are going to schedule showings for your home and even host regularly Open House events. Our team conducts showings and Open House events in a professional manner and putting up signs well in advance. We take care of all the interactions with all the buyers and their agents, taking away all your hassles.

4. Liaison
As your agent, Amit will be the first point of contact to liaison between you and the buyer. We are going to take care of all the communication that takes place with the buyer and the buyer’s agent regarding scheduling showings, inspections, documents and the most importantly the negotiation of the price.

5. Expertise & Network
Amit has cultivated a strong clientele of ready buyers, investors and other real estate professionals. Having access to this network and market expertise we can present your home to the right buyers who
specifically have interest in your home and will be a great fit.

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