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All You Need To Know About Selling Your House


1 – Pick Team Amit Airi Real Estate Brokerage
Team Amit Airi is the right brokerage to help you sell your house. Once you formerly associate with us, our sales representatives will work to get you the best price for your property in the shortest time.

2 – We Help You Determine The Best Selling Price
We run a detailed market assessment with data from previous sales and current listings in the neighbourhood, market trend, location of property etc. Our experience is complemented and enhanced by the modern tools and softwares we use to gather all this information to determine the best possible selling price for your house.

3 – Marketing & Services Offered By Us
The marketing will be taken care of by Team Amit Airi to attract as many buyers as possible till we get you a the best offer. We have a proven marketing strategy that comprises of (but not limited to):

1. Dedicated Staff/Sales agent
2. Featuring your house on our website
3. MLS Listing on boards
4. Advertisement and exposure in Cambridge Mall
5. Advertisement and exposure in our offices
6. Print advertisement promotions
7. Graphic designs and publication designs both online and offline
8. Virtual Tour of your house
9. Promotion covered by all the Team Amit Airi sales representatives
10. Promote your house in the real estate networks
11. Dedicated team that will design and run online digital campaigns and on Social Media
12. Prepare and promote Open House
13. Organise and promote showings
14. Weekly feedback and monitoring of marketing strategy
15. Amit Airi’s references

4 – Assistance in Preparing Your House For Sale
You will now have to simply get the house ready for when the buyers begin to visit. We will provide you with details of how to prepare your house. If required, we will help you with a list of servicemen that can help you get everything done.

5 – Negotiating An Offer On Your Behalf
After we find you a buyer for your house, the negotiation process begins. The buyer will present an offer in writing on a Agreement of Purchase and Sale form. This has the price at which they want to buy and any other additional conditions.

There are three options for you at this point
A) As a seller you can either accept the offer – which means that you have agreed to sell at the price they mentioned and agreed to their conditions, if any.
B) You can reject their offer entirely.
C) You can decide to negotiate with a counter offer –

As your agents, we are qualified and experienced to negotiate your terms to the buyer’s agent. We keep YOUR interest in mind and will get you the BEST deal!

8 – The Final Transaction
Once you accept an offer, both you and the buyer will enter a contract. The ‘Acceptance of Offer’ will clearly mention details of the offer and the conditions that have been agreed upon.

9 – Deposit Amount
The buyer will deposit a certain amount, pre-mentioned, into the account of Elite Realty Point as escrow to initiate the deal. This amount will be safely kept till the negotiation proceed.

10 – Lawyer’s Involvement
The buyer will get his lawyer to prepare and handle the paperwork will work the legalities of thesale:

● House complies with the legislation
● Absence of debt
● Check claims
● Register the sale in the Land Registry Office
● Prepare a Deed

Again, we can provide you a list of experienced and qualified professional lawyers to help get all the paperwork done.

11 – Final Transaction
Once the Deed is complete, you, the seller, will receive the money.

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